The Front Room, April 2021 - How do we flourish after rejection!

The Front Room, April 2021 - How do we flourish after rejection!

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Saturday 24 April  2021 @8.30pm (GMT)

Virtual Event - Zoom joining link will be sent automatically upon payment.   Please remember to add your email details to receive Zoom link and worksheet.

It's the last Saturday of the month and we have the keys to the Front Room.
Join us as we explore a topic that is often avoided but everyone experiences - rejection. Learn why it is essential to overcome and build resilience when faced with rejection.

There are limited slots available for our live show so book your space early. Ask Ms J questions, share your views and to get working on this month’s development worksheet.

Not able to make it... Join our mailing list as audio of this show will be recorded and the replay available at a later date.

Get comfy, grab a drink, a pen/paper and meet me in my Front Room. This is a judgement free ladies zone. 

The Front Room 
A monthly virtual event with a global community of progressive women of all ages who are seeking to live an empowered, authentic and happy life.

Join our founder Jackie G Michaels a pioneer in the UK empowerment arena and the queen of self care as she opens her front room doors to inspire women to take their rightful seat on their chosen throne.

The front room aka the living room was that special place that only adults frequented, they spoke, laughed, drank and put the world to rights.  The keys have been thrown away and we are opening the doors and welcoming a young generation of women to be inspired, share and find life solutions. 

See you there!