FLOURISH offers women a lifestyle platform that is BOLD, HONEST & DISRUPTIVE.  One that is louder than the drive for SUCCESS and PERFECTION at any cost but one that allows you to HONOUR and NOURISH yourself while moving ahead. Our mission is to inspire women to Flourish and grow to the best version of themselves. 

What is a Flourish Lifestyle?

Achieving your version of success and feeling relaxed, balanced, enthusiastic, peaceful, confident and clear.

We begun our quest back in the late 1990’s when meditation and crystal were not in vogue. Thankfully times have changed, crystals, meditation and yoga are now common practice and there is a community of seekers around the globe who see the importance of balancing their mind, body and spirit.

However as much as there are a multitude of positive memes, coaches and books on offer we are seeing anxiety, burn out and mental illnesses increasing at an alarming rate.

With 20 plus years in the empowerment arena we are the voice of wisdom and quality. We want you to feel confident on your personal discovery journey and all products and services we recommend come with our seal of approval.


We are on a mission to reach out to younger professional women around the globe so we can create generational wellness transformation.  Our focus is on women, are discussions are about women but we welcome male allies who are seekers and supporters of women


 Meet Our Founder

Jackie, Ms J, JK, Jackie G, or Jackie G Michaels, are the many names our founder is fondly known as. She is a Business Woman, Media Personality, Conscious Lifestyle Advisor, Empowerment Expert and a Water Saving Sustainability Advocate.

There has been a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT STORM brewing around the world and for the last 25 years and thanks to courageous women, like empowerment and lifestyle specialist Jackie G Michaels, this category five hurricane is now in full affect.  Jackie continues to work on fulfilling her mission to serve women globally inspiring them to live life with vigour, adventure and unapologetically. 

Her interest in women's personal development began in 2004 - when her senior executive career ended due to an autoimmune illness.  She began creating her own personal bespoke lifestyle changes, incorporating health and wellbeing practices into her daily routine while she pursued her vision of developing businesses and maintaining her wellbeing.

She has dedicated her life to spreading the message as to how women can make their mental, emotional and physical self care a priority in their life. 

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Career and Business Achievements 
UK’s First Women Empowerment Network
Magazine Relationship Expert 
Tall Poppies Leadership Programme
Young Women Empowerment
Programme Women’s Walking Retreat
Personal Development Consultant 
Executive Coach
Health and Wellbeing Consultant 
Health Workplace Verifier
Mental Health First Aider
Radio and TV Show Adviser 
Ladies Talk TV Presenter
Ladies Talk Radio Show
Holidays To feed Your Soul - Founder
Water Saving Hub - Founder  

Jackie is an entrepreneur at heart and is openly ambitious and encourages women to shine bright and reach for their star.  

FLOURISH is the lifestyle platform she wished she had in the beginning of her career to provide practical, reliable advice and resources to keep us in balance and fulfilled when we are moving ahead.