Covid-19 is a life changing and challenging period in our lives. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families who have lost loved ones and gratitude to the key support sectors that are holding the world together. 

Our hope at FLO-URISH HQ is that this time is used wisely and the positive changes are maintained. We are seeing global levels of gratitude increase for the often ignored sectors, pollution has decreased, the earth is smiling and we have been given the time to review what is of value to us.  

CIA – COVID  Induced Anxiety is the acronym coined by a doctor I saw on a viral social media video in the US.  For the stress and the fear this pandemic has created, I realised that I too was falling prey to this condition after I coughed and feared the worst.  I had to stop watching the news, take responsibility for protecting my wellbeing and increasing my immune system. I developed a new perspective for the current times we are in.

I have also seen that for those working from home, there are some unwelcome and welcomed behavioural changes – like,  exercising more, not showering, staying in your PJs  all day, handling home schooling, children overeating, yourself overeating, mindlessly watching TV, endless social media scrolling, nail neglect, hair neglect and beard grooming issues, working harder than ever, cake baking and cooking daily.  This I believe is all part of the process and we have to be easy on ourselves to find solutions.

However, there is a segment of the world, myself included, that have welcomed ‘this new way of living’ and are flourishing during this period.  They are enjoying the time out and see this as an extended retreat and well-deserved time out for personal discovery.

I wanted to give our audience, both new and old, something that would create value both during and post Covid-19. I believe Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to stop, review and press reset on our lives and I can assist you in this process.

2020 - New Beginnings
I like many others, entered this new decade with confidence, positivity and hope, this has not changed.   This current challenge will allow us to scrutinise in detail our lifestyle and the world we live in.

Over consuming 
Over doing 
Time deprived
Limited down time
Complex living
Lack of unity
Lack of awareness 
Unkind public behaviour 
Disrespecting mother earth 

This is a time for growth, to set the wheels in motion on how we flourish, beyond Covid-19. I believe when post Covid-19 arrives, we have an opportunity to live a more conscious lifestyle with increased clarity, conviction and joy. Let's use our time wisely. 

I wanted to share some lifestyle tips for during and after Covid-19, so that we can come out of the other side calmer, better and more appreciative.

FLO-URISH Conscious Lifestyle

  1. Connect within; mentally emotionally and spiritually 
  2. Have authentic and kind external connections
  3. Let go and gain clarity and acceptance on life challenges
  4. Strengthen and nourish my physical body  
  5. Give earth the opportunity to heal
  6. Plant new authentic seeds of the life you want to live

Take the time out to answer the questions below and join me in establishing a new lifestyle that welcomes more balance and personal fulfilment into your life.

How are we managing during this global lockdown? 

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can.  There are no right or wrong answers.

  1. Take a look at your life prior to this lock down, what were you experiencing? 

  2. What area(s) of your life would you like to change?

  3. How have you reacted to Covid-19?

  4. What activities have you been doing more of since the lockdown?

  5. Have you discovered any new desires?

  6. What would you like to keep doing post Covid-19?

  7. How would you like to feel post Covid 19?

  8. What plans do you want to put in place once the lockdown has ended?

I designed a 21 DAY FLO-URISH LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE to inspire you to create a new lifestyle that encourages more balance, self care and appreciation in your life.   I hope you enjoy the Challenge and that you keep this vibe going beyond COVID -19.

Stay safe, stay home and let the challenge begin.  Join us on Instagram and Facebook @getinyourflo #covid19reset

Love, always

Ms J